Volume: 4

        F. Landsbergen; R. Van Veenendaal; M. Boekestein; 4:1-2; 2014.
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Extraction of Phrase-Structure Fragments with a Linear Average Time Tree-Kernel
        A. van Cranenburgh; 4:3-16; 2014.
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Activating Qualified Thesaurus Terms for Automatic Indexing with taxonomy-based WSD
        I. Kohlhof; B. Kozlov; M. Doornenbal; 4:17-28; 2014.
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Social, geographical, and lexical influences on Dutch dialect pronunciations
        V. Ko; M. Wieling; E. Wit; J. Nerbonne; W. Krijnen; 4:29-38; 2014.
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Timely identification of event start dates from Twitter
        F. Kunneman; A. Hürriyetoglu; N. Oostdijk; A. van den Bosch; 4:39-52; 2014.
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T-Scan: a new tool for analyzing Dutch text
        H.Pander Maat; R. Kraf; A. van den Bosch; N. Dekker; M. van Gompel; S. Kleijn; T. Sanders; K. van der Sloot; 4:53-74; 2014.
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Building an NLP pipeline within a digital publishing workflow
        H. Paulussen; P. Debevere; F.Bonachela Capdevila; M.Montero Perez; M. Vanbrabant; W. De Neve; S. De Wannemacker; 4:71-84; 2014.
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The effect of word similarity on N-gram language models in Northern and Southern Dutch
        J. Pelemans; K. Demuynck; H. Van hamme; P. Wambacq; 4:91-104; 2014.
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LAF-Fabric: a data analysis tool for Linguistic Annotation Framework with an application to the Hebrew Bible
        D. Roorda; G. Kalkman; M. Naaijer; A. van Cranenburgh; 4:105-120; 2014.
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Named Entity Recognition and Resolution for Literary Studies
        K. van Dalen-Oskam; J. De Does; M. Marx; I. Sijaranamual; K. Depuydt; B. Verheij; V. Geirnaert; 4:121-136; 2014.
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Conversions between D and MCFG: Logical Characterizations of the Mildly Context-Sensitive Languages
        G.Jasper Wijnholds; 4:137-148; 2014.
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Looking for Cluster Creepers in Dutch Treebanks. Dat we ons daar nog kunnen mee bezig houden.
        L. Augustinus; F. Van Eynde; 4:149-170; 2014.
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Gender Recognition on Dutch Tweets
        H. van Halteren; N. Speerstra; 4:171-190; 2014.
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BasiLex: an 11.5 million words corpus of Dutch texts written for children
        A. Tellings; M. Hulsbosch; A. Vermeer; A. van den Bosch; 4:191-208; 2014.
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A plea for more interactions between psycholinguistics and natural language processing research
        M. Brysbaert; E. Keuleers; P. Mandera; 4:209-222; 2014.
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Volume: 3

        M. Dadvar; H. Hondorp; A. Nijholt; M. Theune; D. Trieschnigg; K. Truong; 3:1; 2013.
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Semantic classification of Dutch noun-noun compounds: A distributional semantics approach
        B. Verhoeven; W. Daelemans; 3:2-18; 2013.
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Delemmatization strategies for Dutch
        L. Onrust; H. van Halteren; 3:19-33; 2013.
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Automatic syllabification using segmental conditional random fields
        K. Rogova; K. Demuynck; D. Van Compernolle; 3:34-48; 2013.
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DutchSemCor: Aiming at the ideal sense-tagged corpus
        P. Vossen; R. Izquierdo; A. Görög; 3:49-62; 2013.
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FoLiA: A practical XML format for linguistic annotation - a descriptive and comparative study
        M. van Gompel; M. Reynaert; 3:63-81; 2013.
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Automatic animacy classification for Dutch
        J. Bloem; G. Bouma; 3:82-102; 2013.
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LeTs Preprocess: The multilingual LT3 linguistic preprocessing toolkit
        M. van de Kauter; G. Coorman; E. Lefever; B. Desmet; L. Macken; V. Hoste; 3:103-120; 2013.
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Dealing with big data: The case of Twitter
        E.Tjong Kim Sang; A. van den Bosch; 3:121-134; 2013.
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Sentiment classification for early detection of health alerts in the chemical textile domain
        J. Fernández; C. Prieto; E. Lloret; J.M. Gómez; P. Martínez-Barco; M. Palomar; 3:135-147; 2013.
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A graph-based approach for implicit discourse relations
        Y. Versley; 3:148-173; 2013.
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A linear model for exploring types of vowel harmony
        L. Szabó; Ç. Çöltekin; 3:174-192; 2013.
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Interpersonal stance in police interviews: content analysis
        Rop den Akker; M. Bruijnes; R. Peters; T. Krikke; 3:193-216; 2013.
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Neural network language models to select the best translation
        M. Khalilov; J.A.R. Fonollosa; F. Zamora-Martínez; M.José Castro-Bleda; S. España-Boquera; 3:217-233; 2013.
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Volume: 2

        M. van de Camp; R. Morante; M. Reynaert; M. van Zaanen; K. Zervanou; 2:1; 2012.
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Towards Identifying Normal Forms for Various Word Form Spellings on Twitter
        H. van Halteren; N. Oostdijk; 2:2–22; 2012.
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Choosing the best classifier for the job: Mobile Filtering for the South African Context
        M. Griesel; W. Fourie; 2:23–33; 2012.
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Developing a part-of-speech tagger for Dutch tweets
        T. Avontuur; I. Balemans; L. Elshof; N. van Noord; M. van Zaanen; 2:34–51; 2012.
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Using skipgrams and PoS-based feature selection for patent classification
        E. D'hondt; S. Verberne; N. Weber; K. Koster; L. Boves; 2:52–70; 2012.
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Transformation-based tree-to-tree alignment
        G. Kotzé; 2:71–96; 2012.
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Joint learning of dependency parsing and semantic role labeling
        A. van den Bosch; R. Morante; S. Canisius; 2:97–117; 2012.
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Volume: 1

        E. Lefever; V. Hoste; 1:1; 2011.
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Automation of dictation exercises. A working combination of CALL and NLP.
        R. Beaufort; S. Roekhaut; 1:1-20; 2011.
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Language Change and SA-OT. The case of sentential negation
        A. Lopopolo; T. Biró; 1:21-40; 2011.
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Using corpora tools to analyze gradable nouns in Dutch
        N. Ruiz; E. Weiffenbach; 1:41-59; 2011.
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On the difficulty of making concreteness concrete
        D. Theijssen; H. van Halteren; L. Boves; N. Oostdijk; 1:61-77; 2011.
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Effects of Context and Recency in Scaled Word Completion
        A. van den Bosch; 1:79-94; 2011.
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Im chattin :-) u wanna NLP it: Analyzing Reduction in Chat
        H. van Halteren; C.H. Martell; D. Caixia; Y. Gu; J. Kobben; L. Panjaitan; L. Schubotz; K. Vasylenko; Y. Vladimirova; 1:95-108; 2011.
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Inducing phonetic distances from dialect variation
        M. Wieling; E. Margaretha; J. Nerbonne; 1:109-118; 2011.
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