16 December 2005, Amsterdam (NL)

Author Title Download
Peter Dirix, Vincent Vandeghinste, and Ineke Schuurman A new hybrid approach enabling MT for languages with little resources PDF
Markus Egg The syntax and semantics of relative clause modification PDF
Paola Monachesi and Jantine Trapman Where FrameNet meets the Spoken Dutch Corpus: in the middle PDF
Ineke Schuurman and Paola Monachesi The contours of a semantic annotation scheme for Dutch PDF
Tim Van de Cruys Semantic clustering in Dutch: Automatically inducing semantic classes from large-scale corpora PDF
Suzan Verberne, Lou Boves, Nelleke Oostdijk, and Peter-Arno Coppen Exploring the use of linguistic analysis for answering why-questions PDF
Eline Westerhout and Paola Monachesi A pilot study for a Corpus of Dutch Aphasic Speech (CoDAS) focusing on the orthographic transcription PDF
Martijn Wieling, Mark-Jan Nederhof, and
Gertjan van Noord
Parsing partially bracketed input PDF