11 December 1998, Leuven (BE)

Author Title Download
Gosse Bouma A modern computational linguistics course using Dutch PDF
Gert Durieux, Walter Daelemans, and Steven Gillis On the arbitrariness of lexical categories PDF
Peter Kleiweg and John Nerbonne An FGREP investigation into phonotactics PDF
Anna Kupsc Position of Polish Clitics: An HPSG approach PDF
John Nerbonne and Tony Mullen Null-headed nominals in German and English PDF
Carla Schelfhout Corpus-based analysis of parenthetical reporting clauses PDF
Ivelin Stoianov and John Nerbonne Exploring phonotactics with simple recurrent networks PDF
Antal van den Bosch Instance families in memory-based language learning PDF
Pim van der Eijk and Dennis Janssen XML mixed content grammars PDF
Simon van Dreumel The amazon grammar and the last part of the middle field PDF
 Frank van Eynde Figure heads in HPSG PDF
Dong Hoon Van Uytsel, Patrick Wambacq, and Dirk Van Compernolle Style adaptation of statistical language models PDF
Jorn Veenstra, Antal van den Bosch, Sabine Buchholz, Walter Daelemans, and Jakub Zavrel

Memory-based word sense disambiguation

Gert Veldhuijzen van Zanten, Gosse Bouma, Khalil Sima'ans, Gertjan van Noord, and Remko Bonnema Evaluation of the NLP components of the OVIS2 spoken dialogue system PDF