25 November 1993, Groningen (NL)

Author Title Download
Erik Aarts and Kees Trautwein  Non-associative Lambek categorial grammar in polynomial time PDF
Gosse Bouma and Gertjan van Noord  A lexicalist account of the Dutch verbal complex PDF
Sjaak de Mey On the (in)dispensibility of senses PDF
Joke Dorrepaal  An alternative to the binding theory PDF
Tomaz Erjavec  Formalising realizational morphology in typed feature structures PDF
Willem-Olaf Huijsen Genetic grammatical inference PDF
Trond Kirkeby-Garstad and Krisztina Polgardi  Against prosodic composition PDF
Marc M. Lankhorst  A genetic algorithm for the induction of context-free grammars PDF
Herbert Ruessink  Tree logic: A formal perspective on transformations PDF
Henk Schotel SeSynPro: Towards a workbench for semantic syntax PDF
Pieter A.M. Seuren  Translation relations in semantic syntax  PDF
Wilco G. ter Stal and Paul E. van der Vet  Two-level semantic analysis of compounds: A case studie in linguistic engineering PDF