12 December 1997, Nijmegen (NL)

Author Title Download
Ted Briscoe Language as a complex adaptive system: Coevolution of language and of the Language Acquisition Device PDF
Djoerd Hiemstra

Multilingual domain modelling in twenty-One: Automatic creation of a bi-directional translation lexicon from a parallel corpus

Timo Lahtinen The use of an index term corpus for the development of an automatic indexer PDF
Erwin Marsi A reusable syntactic generator for Dutch PDF
Paola Monachesi The morphosyntax of Romanian cliticization PDF
Svetlana Sheremetyeva and Sergei Nirenburg Minimizing acquisition and development effort in computational morphology PDF
Ivelin Stoianov, John Nerbonne, and Huub Bouma Modelling the phonotactic structure of natural language words with simple recurrent networks PDF
Bas van Bakel and Reinier Boon Principle-based structured concept generation: A contribution to knowledge-based document indexing PDF
Pim van der Eijk Controlled languages in technical documentation PDF
Frank Van Eynde The immediate dominance schemata of HPSG: A deconstruction and a reconstruction PDF
Margriet Verlinden Implementation of optional specifiers in a lexicalist framework PDF
Shuly Wintner The affixal nature of the definite article in Hebrew: Towards practical applications PDF