Archive of early Computational Linguistics publications
in Belgium and the Netherlands

Hugo Brandt Corstius was the first to write a PhD on computational linguistics in the Low Countries. This was as early as 1970. Now, 50 years later, the field of computational linguistics has grown tremendously and computational linguistics is an active research area in Belgium and The Netherlands.

The publications that founded and defined this research field, dating from the sixties, seventies, and eighties, are often not digitized and difficult to access for research purposes. In this archive, we try to make (some of) the early publications available in digital form (digital PDF and OCR). 

The documents we currently have are only a small sample of what could be available.  Our goal is to collect and present a complete overview of computational linguistics research in the Low Countries in the sixties, seventies, and eighties. If you have relevant material that you can donate, please contact us.

From 2019, we also make available the digitized versions of the CLIN proceedings before we switched to CLIN Journal (see the proceedings menu item). Contact us for any corrections or additions.

The archive is maintained by Walter Daelemans, and was created with help from Ben Verhoeven, Frederik Vaassen, Tom De Smedt, Guy De Pauw, Sarah Schrauwen, and Jens Lemmens.


Author Title Published in Year Location Download
Geert Adriaens Process Linguistics - The Theory and Practice of a Cognitive-Scientific Approach to Natural Language Understanding   1986 Leuven, Belgium PDF
Hugo Brandt Corstius Exercises in Computational Linguistics   1970 Amsterdam, The Netherlands PDF
Walter Daelemans Studies in Language Technology - An Object-Oriented Computer Model of Morphophonological Aspects of Dutch   1987 Leuven, Belgium PDF
Luc Steels Ongoing Research in Computational Linguistics at the UIA     Wilrijk, Belgium PDF
Syntaxtest   1974 Wilrijk, Belgium PDF
Vraagstukken omtrent de representatie van lingu├»stische informatie   1974 Wilrijk, Belgium PDF
Parsing Systems for Regular and Context-Free Languages Antwerp Papers in Linguistics (APL), Volume I 1975 Antwerp, Belgium PDF
Completion Grammars and their Applications Antwerp Papers in Linguistics (APL), Volume III 1975 Antwerp, Belgium PDF
On the Formal Properties of Completion Grammars and their Related Automata Antwerp Papers in Linguistics (APL), Volume V 1976 Antwerp, Belgium PDF
Producing Natural Language from Semantic Information Antwerp Papers in Linguistics (APL), Volume VI 1976 Antwerp, Belgium PDF
The FORLI.OLB Package for List Processing in Fortran IV Antwerp Papers in Linguistics (APL), Volume IX 1976 Antwerp, Belgium PDF
Aspects of Modular Theory of Language, Volume I   1977 Wilrijk, Belgium PDF
Aspects of Modular Theory of Language, Volume II   1977 Wilrijk, Belgium PDF
Aspects of Modular Theory of Language, Volume III   1977 Wilrijk, Belgium PDF
General Properties of Natural Language Processing Systems Progress in cybernetics and systems research, vol. V, pp. 504-510 1979 Wilrijk, Belgium PDF
Frank Van Eynde Betekenis, vertaalbaarheid en automatische vertaling   1985 Leuven, BE PDF