1 December 1995, Antwerpen (BE)

Author Title Download
Gosse Bouma Complement clauses and expletives PDF
Alessandro Castaldelli, Gaetano Lanzarone, Lothar Lemnitzer, and Wolf Paprotte Semi-automatic transformation of a paper dictionary into an electronic lexical knowledge base PDF
Walter Daelemans, Jakub Zavrel, Peter Berck, and Steven Gillis Memory-based part of speech tagging PDF
Nathalie Daver An implementation of segmented discourse representation theory PDF
Cécile Fabre A domain-independent model for the automated interpretation of nominal compounds PDF
Henk Harkema Automatic detection and correction of syntax errors in tutoring systems for language instruction PDF
Willem-Olaf Huijsen Completeness of compositional machine translation for context-free grammars PDF
Andreas Kathol  Order variability in German and Dutch verb clusters PDF
Rob Koeling Quantification and scoping: Representing scope-ambiguity by means of underspecification PDF
John Nerbonne, Wilbert Heeringa, Erik van den Hout, and Willem van de Vis Phonetic distance between Dutch dialects PDF
Wim Peters Corpus-based conceptual characterisation of verbal predicate structures PDF
Antal van den Bosch, Walter Daelemans, and Ton Weijters  An inductive learning approach to morphological analysis PDF
Frank Van Eynde An HPSG treatment of it extraposition without lexical rules PDF