30 October 1992, Tilburg (NL)

Author Title Download
Rens Bod Applying Monte Carlo techniques to data-oriented parsing PDF
Arthur Dirksen Phonological parsing PDF
Steven Gillis, Walter Daelemans, Gert Durieux, and Antal van den Bosch Learnability and markedness: Dutch stress assignment PDF
Dirk Heylen, André Schenk, and Marc Verhagen A unification-based representation scheme of collocational structures PDF
Paola Monachesi The use of non-local features in the analysis of Italian object clitics and clitic climbing PDF
Hans Paulussen Augmenting automatic grammatical tagging PDF
Gerrit Rentier Dutch clitic pronouns and preposition stranding PDF
Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang Acquiring digital phonology PDF
Antal van den Bosch and Walter Daelemans Data-oriented methods for grapheme-to-phoneme-conversion PDF
Gerrit F. van der Hoeven An algorithm for the construction of dependency trees PDF
Marc van Oostendorp A formal comparison of grids and trees PDF